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Who are we?

Kopano Properties have been successfully operating as an independent real estate firm in Jeffreys Bay for 10 years. The company was started by Jan Visser, a local, well-known Attorney, and Conveyancer with more than 35 years of experience in the property business. Jan is heading Kopano Properties as Principal, assisted by JC Visser and Johan Swiegers - both full status Agents.

We have extensive knowledge in the selling of residential properties in our region and we guarantee that clients can expect optimum satisfaction with what we have to offer! We build our success on honesty, integrity, and trust. Our aim is further to ensure pleasant dealings with any and all property matters.

Our team consists of 16 people which is constituted as follows:

At Kopano Properties we strive to have the best trained, most knowledgeable, and experienced agents in town under the leadership of Jan Visser who has over 35 years of property experience as a conveyancing attorney. We truly believe that excellent service and good customer relationships are the keys to success.

We truly are the one-stop property shop! Why?